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Court in Scotland , Mary and her cousin Henry • Stanley married. Later developments proved that this is a wrong marriage decision. Although Mary is full of war and took over a variety of overtly political intrigue of the country , but she enjoyed life . In addition to diligently patrol across Scotland , do not go out in the day, most of the time she used to play every afternoon elegant harp, poetry, or listening to her secretary for her recite poetry – how young artists ah ! Queen Mary was the secretary is an Italian ( Turing ) man named Davide Rizzio. One evening, Mary ‘s husband Stanley armed killers sent to Mary ‘s palace , in the presence of 6 months pregnant Mary’s face , stabbing the Italian secretary.

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June 19, 1566 , Mary gave birth to a baby boy – later King James VI of Scotland .

Soon after, Stanley was strangled . Three months later, one of the murder suspects – James Earl of Bothwell , Scotland • Hepburn , acquitted by the court to clarify . 1567 Mary and Bothwell Earl married , the wedding ceremony conducted by Protestant . As Scotland traditionally Catholic country , Catholic Queen Mary itself . When she was 18 years old when he began to reign back to Scotland from France , Scotland has changed dramatically , from a Catholic country into a Protestant country, but most of the nobility or Catholic. Her third marriage , as well as Protestant wedding ceremony , angered these nobles . They united against Mali , after a fierce battle near Edinburgh , Mary was defeated, was imprisoned for almost a year . While imprisoned during which she lost a pair of twin fetuses, but she fled by boat dressed as a peasant woman success !

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Chanel Advanced Hand Workshop series opening show first apparel , hi Lagerfeld used by the British supermodel Stella Tennant Model : Scottish classic plaid coat lining and cuffs , with a long scarf , a whole range of children and young artists – of course, this is the twenty-first century cool version ! Supermodel Stella Tennant successful man is a contemporary version of the model : This year more than 40 year after year , and still led by CHANEL spring and summer advertising ; although her grandfather was the late Duke of Devonshire , England , and grandmother is the famous Mitford sisters, now the only surviving six persons ( 90 years old still have to fly to the U.S. book publishing and promotion to do ) , but her father was Scottish , she herself grew up in Scotland , is still her husband and four children live in Scotland, by her to open the show, it is very happy , very Scottish choice.

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Karl Lagerfeld • Select Linlithgow Palace as 2013 Advanced Hand Workshop series show show field, so history buffs and travelers hark this palace and Mary Queen of intricate relationships : Mary’s father, James I, six days after she was born on sudden death due to heart disease, Mary in a newborn baby’s age, has become the queen of Scotland, nominally, by her French mother, “invisible hand.” Mary I of Scotland five years left to go to France, first to avoid war between Scotland and England, and second, she was betrothed to the French Crown to do future queen. She spent her childhood and adolescence, France, French fluently Needless to say, her aesthetic tastes and lifestyle of the French court completely.

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1558, 16-year-old Mary and the French Crown Prince married. A year later, Mary’s husband ascended the throne as Francis I, Mary became Queen of France. Place just over a year, her husband died, only 18 years old that year Mary! Making matters worse, this year her mother died, Mary logical to return to the country of Scotland, to fulfill the Queen’s duties.