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Roger L. Main, Programming Manager, specializes in interactive web and intranet development using PHP, Visual Studio, .NET and AJAX Dynamic HTML technologies.

Widget Incorporated can help you with front and back-end solutions for your website to help make your business run more smoothly. If you interact with customers or employees online, we can help you come up with cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.

Some of our clients include:

Mountainpeek Creations - Their latest application, incorporating a complete shopping cart and download system is still under development - to be launched summer 2010.

Africa Adventure Consultants - AAC remains one of Widget's best clients. We re-developed their entire website and search system using Visual Studio with Ajax implementation.

Kinder Morgan - According to Fortune magazine Kinder Morgan is "one of America's most admired companies". We had the honour of developing four intranet systems for them using Visual Studio and SQL Server 2005 covering fleet management, action auditing, equipment inspection and waste management)

Petite Musician - We designed and developed a complete signup and registration system using Visual Studio and MySQL

Dishin' It Up - We developed a calendar and signup system for this Meal-prep company using Classic ASP

Arapahoe Community College - We were hired to make enhancements to their existing MS-Access VBA computer lab registration application and ended up developing a new, complete sign-in system using Visual Basic 6.0.

Capital IQ - One of the McGraw-Hill group of companies, we designed and developed their Document Feed Service to expedite the delivery of web mined documents to their client companies.

Oncommand Corporation - We developed a database analysis application for their internal use as well as their project management intranet system to streamline their project development lifecycle.

Eagle:XM - We supported and enhanced the development of Eagle:XM's flagship "Broadband Insights" product for delivering statistical information to various Cable Television companies.

PartMiner Incorporated - Back when Java was the hot thing, we redesigned and developed their Internet mining tool using the technology to analyze web sites and extract information for increated productivity.

Ninemsn Pty Ltd - When the Internet was in its infancy we were developing and enhancing various sites for this Microsoft subsidiary including Dolly Magazine, Wine Society Magazine and Getaway Travel (which was later incorporated into Expedia).

The people at Widget know their stuff to the point that we've also written about it, including a regular column in magazine and we often include articles in our newsletter. You can read them here!

Phone: 800.470.9073       303.847.4933       Email:      PO Box 740486 Arvada Colorado 80006